12 June 2012

The Writing On The Wall

There it is,
The writing on the wall,
Written hastily,
In a fast, aimless scrawl.

The truth in front of me,
The words chastise,
They taunt me with desire,
Part of my demise.

In a haze,
A state of discontent,
My head is clear,
While my heart laments.

The frustration grows,
The words spell my fear,
Trying to erase,
But only causing them to smear.

I look to the floor,
Trying to forget,
But it’s already too late,
I embrace the regret.

The words spell it out,
Yet I can’t understand,
Even though I can feel,
The stinging firsthand.

I push my way forward,
Breaking through the pain,
As it continues to grow,
Falling steady like rain.

I refuse to give up,
I scratch the words out,
Refusing to give in,
To the fear and the doubt.

Hope flows from my hand,
Covering up my grief,
I keep on writing,
Spelling out relief.

I won’t let this prevail,
I won’t let it define,
Pushing forward,
Letting my soul shine.

The words less blurry,
The calmness flows,
It conquers the confusion,
With every stanza I compose.

The poem almost complete,
Washing away my disarray,
It gives me a new perspective,
And erases my dismay.

12 June 2012