27 August 2012

The Storm


I should write.  I need to write, but I am unable to.  There is too much in my head.  Too many doubts, fears and uncertainties.  What I really need to do is write a poem.  I need some sort of a release.  Writing poetry, especially when I am this disconcerted, usually flows from me without any effort.  I think within the next few days a poem will be surfacing in my blog.  It's been a while since I've written anything at all.  I started writing this post and then decided to write a poem.  Here's the latest and greatest from the sullen world of Shel.

 The Storm

You hit me by surprise,
You sauntered right in,
I had no idea,
What was about to begin.

The storm that was you,
Consumed my heart,
I had no idea it would become,
An amazing work of art.

Your eyes like the ocean,
Seeing right through me,
Carrying me away,
On a blissful, torrential sea.

I was washed into the ocean,
Without any hesitation,
My mind and heart filled,
With complete elation.

I sailed on the waves,
I became one with the sea,
Not caring to know,
Where it was going to lead.

I embraced the waves,
I became one with the tide,
Just flowing along,
On this sweet, blissful ride.

The waves ebbed and flowed,
The sun shined bright,
There was no doubt,
Everything was right.

Then came some rain,
The waves grew,
I had no idea,
The storm that was about to brew.

The rain came and left,
The swells faded low,
Yet I was completely blinded,
By the ebb and the flow.

I sailed on seas of ecstasy,
The warm ocean filling my soul,
Completely surprised,
When ending stranded on an atoll.

The skies opened up,
A stinging rain began to fall,
By the fierce, blowing squall.

Not knowing where to swim,
Starting to drown,
By the ocean’s fury,
Dragging me down.

The storm rages on,
The seas continue to churn,
Will it ever subside,
Or continue to burn?

I am one with the storm,
I am stranded, lost and alone,
Is this to become,
My new, lonely home?

I will build a shelter,
Hide from the pain,
But watch the storm,
Becoming one with the rain.

This storm rages on,
For how long, I don’t know,
But I refuse to let it,
Stifle my glow.

It may be dark and dreary,
The winds blow without a care,
I drown it all out,
With the sounds of my prayers.

I will persevere,
I will fly to the shore,
I will grow wings,
Like a Seagull I will soar.

August 27, 2012

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