17 September 2009

Worn Out Silver Jeans & Two Wife Beater Tanks…

Wow, I REALLY need to get back in the habit of writing here. Not only do I enjoy it immensely, but it really helps me emotionally to write. It always has. So, where to start…based on my last post I was still working part time at MMCO’s and working on the Social Security Administration Job. A lot has transpired since then. I am now doing plumbing dispatch for a local, HVAC and plumbing company.

This job is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than my construction/operations position at MMC. I really enjoy the customer service aspect as I am a people person and very social, but I’m not used to being tied to MULTIPLE phones at once. I have to be available for service calls AT ALL TIMES when I am here, PLUS carry my radio with me in case any of my technicians need anything. Seriously, I have to put my phone on “page me” and take my radio when I go use the bathroom. That aspect, I’m not so fond of. But the fast pace I really enjoy also…but with a faster pace, comes more stress. This job is most definitely more stressful than the last, but I LOVE that I can wear what I want and don’t have to get all dressed up in heels and iron every morning to go to the office. Case in point, I’m wearing my favorite pair of worn out Silver jeans, two wife beater tanks layered, my Rhinestone and camouflage belt and Romeo’s. Can’t beat that for office attire! Yee haw. But, one of the BEST things about this job is that one of my BEST FRIENDS hired me, (she is 8 months pregnant and quit after she trained me…still a little pissed about that…she knows it too!) and I work with another friend I’ve known since 7th grade. That does help IMMENSELY when it comes time to vent. It’s always helpful when it’s someone you know and trust. I LOVE YOU C!!!

I’m SO happy its Thursday, I am a TIRED GIRL. I’m always tired at the end of the week. Having to be to work by 630 AM every day takes it’s toll on you. Plus, this rainy weather is wreaking HAVOC on my hair! I should have brought my flat iron to work today, FUCK OH LORD. I have this one piece on my left side that has a mind of its own today and is wavy, even though I flat ironed THE SHIT outta my hair this morning, and the rest of it is straight. WTF?! And since I chopped all of my hair off, I can’t just throw it up in a ponytail anymore when I have bad hair days. RARGH! Alright, I think I’m done bitching about my hair now...

Since July MUCH has transpired in the world of Shel…TONS of summer fun, and my favorite part of the summer has been having someone I care about immensely become what seems to be a consistent part of my life now. We have SO.MUCH.FUN together, always. Plus, he is one of my best friends so that makes it that much better.

Did TONS of drinking on Aaron’s boat this summer…er, maybe puking off the side of Aaron’s boat is a better description since it seems I always get trashed and then sea sick on his boat. Ugh. Then, there was the Pimps & Ho’s party…SO MUCH FUN! Too bad there was some drama. But, I was a good girl and ignored it. My TB got more riled up about it than I did. It was kind of funny, she’s SO protective sometimes. I love her!

Tonight we are supposed to go to Harvey’s comedy club and then Oktoberfest is this weekend so I am gonna be a busy girl. I’m really looking forward to doing nothing on tomorrow night. I think I may watch the 1st season of Sons of Anarchy on DVD since The Man bought it last night. I told him he couldn’t take it home until I watched it and he didn’t like that so I kept it in my purse so he couldn’t take it. It’s sitting right next to me at the office. I know, I know…I’m an evil bitch.

Here’s to hoping that today is a SUPER BUSY, and FAST Thursday so that the weekend comes that much faster!

Quote of the Day: “Don't be afraid to make your own decisions, just because it isn’t the popular decision doesn't mean it is not the right one.”

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