09 November 2010

…ready to go the night before…

Well, today was MUCH better than yesterday at Office! I absolutely KICKED ASS today! Compared to leaving the office and feeling like a failure yesterday, I left today, feeling like I won the fucking Olympics! It was a very successful day, here's to hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow!

So…it’s been cold as fuck and raining.  But, that is OK because our lovely friend, La Nina is DUMPING fresh powder on the mountain!  So, before I go any further…let me just say thank you to this lovely weather pattern we get every few years in the Pacific NW.  I heart you La Nina! It makes for an epic boarding season and I am beyond excited for this year.  

I need to remember to go get wax and a cheap iron so I can prep my board.  Although, I should check it first, I may just need to run the iron over it to smooth out any bumps and then just lightly scrape it.  I’m usually pretty good about keeping my board waxed and I only boarded twice last year.  Soo…guess I’ll be making a trip downstairs later to give my plank a pre season inspection.  Yep, that MSB 020sounds about right.  SO.FUCKING.EXCITED to go boarding this year!  With the exception of last year, I have had a season pass the three seasons before.  Ah, boarding…how I’ve missed you so.  Especially because I remember taking some INSANE pictures during those years on my point and shoot.  I can always Photoshop them later anyway.  It just sucks shooting at such low resolution vs. shooting with my DSLR at 300 dpi.  You lose so much image quality, but it will have to do because I’m not taking my DSLR boarding.  It’s way too big to cart around anyway.  Being able to get good shots is most definitely a bonus for boarding!  Shit, I digress…I should probably make sure I can find the rest of my gear while I’m at it.  HATE scrambling last minute for everything in the AM.  It’s always all ready to go the night before so all I hafta do is roll out of bed, do a half assed hair and makeup job and it’s off we go.  Timberline is opening it’s lower lifts tomorrow, and with this cold storm front in for the next day or so, we should get some good accumulation.  Here’s to hoping that the resorts DO get to open on Thanksgiving weekend, I wanna get my shred on!
Random…LOVING the remix that just came on the Comcast RockTLL 004 Station.  It's Paper Planes by MIA, but with a rock mix and totally different lyrics by the Street Sweeper Social Club.  Hm, a new ending to blog posts?  Song of the Day!  Yay!  Adding to bottom of this post.

Quote of the Day: Perspective is the key to happiness…even a bumpy road looks smooth from a distance.

Random GOOD Life Lesson # 129: You will have one of the best times of your life with your best friend on a random Tuesday night drinking wine, talking, laughing, crying and drunk facebooking. It will remind you for days, of one of your many favorite quotes: “I always knew we’d look back on our tears and laugh, but I never thought we’d look back on our laughter and cry.”

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