06 May 2012

…Change is Constant in my Life…

Wow. Once again, so much time has passed since I last wrote here. Because of that, I went back and read through every post I’ve published on this site to see how much I’ve changed in the past few years. Since I am somewhat catching up, this post will most likely be a lengthy read…just a warning. Although, for those of my friends who read my blog I know that you love reading it so I’m sure it will be highly entertaining. Love you guys!
One thing was adamantly clear…Change is constant in my life. Jobs & homes mostly. The people who were important to me in the past, my support network, are still permanent fixtures in the crazy World of Shel such as TB and The Princess. The Princess is now married with two, yes two, children whom even though I don’t get to see very often since she lives far away…I still adore her and Kamikaze and both of their children. TB is now engaged and living with her fiancé. We live quite a ways apart now, which sucks ass completely but she is still my best friend in the world. We’ve only grown closer as the years have passed.
Some have faded from my life such as Naughty & Nice and Tasty Shortcake. However, I’ve also added a few people who have become exponential in my personal growth. One of them I will be calling My Butterfly. She and I met at the Dunes in May of 2008 and completely clicked right from the beginning. I know I’ve told her this before and it’s hard to explain it in words, but when I sat down next to her that first time…I just felt warmth radiating from her. I love her with all of my heart and I KNOW that she will always be around and that we will ALWAYS be friends. I look forward to continuing to build our friendship and have what can only be described as INSANE FUN, always! ;)
Ah…back to changes as I’ve covered the Support Network. The first thing that really sticks out in my mind about reading past posts is that I am no longer at what I had then described as an amazing job. That certainly changed fairly quickly. It went from being a place I loved working at to a place that sucked the life out of me…literally and figuratively. I am no longer with said company, which I shall now refer to as “The Devil Company.” I know I’ve used that term before for other jobs I hated, but in this case it’s much more fitting. Unfortunately I was laid off; I did not leave by choice. Even though I had been unhappy for some time and was out submitting resumes, interviewing and looking for a new job. However, my position was eliminated before I found a good fit. Also in that same time…actually, within 24 hours of each other the home I was renting sold and I had to move out, which ended up being 21 hours before I was laid off. Talk about a downer! Let’s just say that I didn’t deal with it well at all. My bright and shining life suddenly turned depressing, grey and sullen. I fell into a pit of despair for a few weeks. I just couldn’t shake the negativity and ickiness no matter how hard I tried…
Then, things began to turn back towards the light. I was going on a lot of interviews, I met someone who completely makes me smile and that I really enjoy spending time with. In this blog, I shall call him “His Hotness,” as it’s completely fitting since I look at him and just want to lick him.  However, I probably won’t talk about him much on here as it is very new and I have no idea where it will go between us. Completely living in the moment and taking things day by day. I digress…I also got to move into a home with two people who were always VERY close to my heart, but have absolutely become two of my best friends. I shall dub him “The Italian Stallion” and his wife “Miss Kitty.” A ha ha, those nicknames are SO fitting, you really have no idea. It’s insanely fun living with the two of them and we have a BLAST together. Plus, the Italian Stallion is the friend I’ve referred to in past posts about working in tandem with photography. We work great together. We both have different ideas and aspects on what a good picture is so when we do shoot together we get two completely different, distinct photos that I get to edit. I look forward to taking more photos with him in the future. 

Since it’s what inspired this blog post, I’m going to mention something I posted on Facebook last week. I think it’s only fair that it makes an appearance in this post since it spurred me to keep writing. It’s called “Creating a Clearing” in your life. I recently learned about "Creating a Clearing" in your life. A clearing is a wide open empty space in your life that is ready for something new or amazing to emerge. A clearing can be a cleaned-out closet or a regularly unscheduled Saturday. A clearing can be dissolving an unproductive business partnership or going to bed early two days in a row. It can be as simple as saying yes to a forbidden treat, taking out the trash or as serious as leaving a job or ending a not-so healthy relationship. However you choose to create your clearing, the point is that you let go of something in your life that has no purpose anymore, drains your energy, or draws your attention in a direction that leaves you feeling more burdened than free.

I realized today, that even though I didn’t initiate it nor do I like the way it happened, being laid off from my old job...that it created a clearing in my life. I am SO.MUCH.HAPPIER now and I've been at new Workplace for less than 2 weeks. As much as I loved my job and its duties...the company itself and the employees there, with the exception of a few bright and shining souls, sucked the life RIGHT.THE.FUCK out of me. I hated waking up knowing I had to go there and most days, no matter how much I accomplished, I left feeling like a failure. I am beyond excited about the opportunities I may have with the new company and each day that I wake up during the week I am STOKED to go to work. :) Here's to creating a clearing in life...I wish the same sense of pride, self worth, relief and accomplishment that I have recently re-discovered, to each and every one of you out there who reads this post. Cheers! 

So, here's to the post that got my writing itch going again. I fully intend to keep it up...however, I do know that life happens and I may not have time to post every day as much as I want to.

Random Life Lesson #108:  Don't drink heavily ALL.DAY.LONG on a Sunday before starting a new job.  Your first day will suck absolute ASS!  Even if you were having a blast that day, laughing, disc golfing and rescuing friends.  :)

Quote of the Day: "Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.  Dr. Seuss"

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