15 May 2012

...Double Dose of Goodness...

Pile O' Girls on Bad Girlfriend 4th of July Weekend 2011
So…it’s been a few days since I’ve written and that’s bad…but the reason I haven’t is because things have been going stellar!  I have the urge to write the most when I’m in a state of discontent.  When I’m happy and things are going smooth, not to mention that the weather has been AH-MAZING, I tend to be bad about updating because there are things to do, people to see and sunshine to play in!  Today’s post is going to be positive and I’m SUPER STOKED about that!  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday were all awesome days, even though I’m still fighting this icky cold.  So far today, I have been ROCKING IT at Office so I’m still just a happy, smiley chicky.  Not much to complain about right now except for a dull headache.  But I refuse to let it adversely affect my joy!  

Friday ROCKED at Office.  Training went well, I didn’t have to deal with Worthless much and when I did it was actually pleasant.  Since I woke up Friday AM with a cold I decided to pass on Girls Night at Duke’s which ended up working out in my favor since there was some drama that transgressed.  It’s a good thing I didn’t go, because things probably would have turned out even worse for those involved.  All I have to say is don’t offend my friends.  Jealous, young and immature is a BAD combination.  I digress; I ended up staying home and drinking some wine.  Laughed my ass off with The Italian Stallion and Miss Kitty and went to bed early. 

New Bikini!
I woke up Saturday morning still feeling icky, but decided to kick Saturday in the ass anyway.  I made dippy eggs (over medium so there is yolk to dip my toast in, thus the name.  TOTAL Shelism) with sourdough toast & coffee for breakfast and then got ready slowly.  I hit the mall and bought 2 new bikinis, which I completely love, BTW.  One of them is orange, my favorite color…and I decided to post this self portrait from lying out on the deck on Saturday because I love the way it turned out and I am apparently feeling narcissistic, LOL.  The other is a gray leopard print with ruffles and bright turquoise trim, can’t wait to rock them both this summer on Bad Girlfriend!  Then I went to Damascus to get the rest of my stuff that PL & Creeper were nice enough to let me store at their place for a minute.  Saturday was in the 80’s; I was sick, sniffly, sweaty & grumpy having to move more crap.  No bueno.  I went home and refused to unpack my truck because it was nice out and I didn’t want to do anymore work.  So, I busted out my new orange bikini and decided to get some sun.  Then, we decided to BBQ.  The Italian Stallion and I made a run up to Battleground Produce and got a marinated tri-tip and fresh veggies.  Then His Hotness came over.  Yummy, on all fronts…the food and him.  Pleasant sigh.  ;)  We made margaritas, had fresh salsa and chips for appetizers while I prepared the potatoes, carrots and parsnips for roasting and just hung out.  Then Miss Kitty made a fresh salad to go with it, we busted out a nice bottle of wine and dined El Fresco.  It was pretty much a perfect day. :)

Dance Party on Bad Girlfriend @ Govy - 4th of July Weekend 2011
Sunday it was hotter than shit outside. I got up around 630 AM, (WTF?! 630 wakeups on a Sunday is not only abnormal for me but just SHOULD.NOT.HAPPEN) and made breakfast and coffee for us and then HH (I may start abbreviating that for future reference) headed back home. I sat outside and gave myself a pedicure. Rocking the black sparkly French manicured toes right now, LOVE IT! Then I decided to add more blonde to my hair since summer seems to be rapidly approaching.  I added quite a bit more blonde, but in the next few days and weeks I will be adding more.  Time to go back to being a blonde baby, I miss it, even if it does fry my hair.  So, I spent most of the day doing girly things, then headed North to Woodland to meet up with HH and have Mexican for dinner.  The Italian Stallion and Miss Kitty had been out on the Harley riding so they met up with us too.  Once again, amazing food, drinks and amazing company.  This weekend was simply sensational, to put it mildly…that’s all I have to say about that.  :)

Yesterday at office was mostly data entry of time cards and change requests.  I’m a freak though, I love data entry.  I got what I needed done and left feeling awesome about what I had accomplished.  :)  Yay!  Then to top it off, traffic wasn’t half bad either!  I didn’t sleep well Sunday night so I got home, cleaned the kitchen and went upstairs to lounge in bed and catch up on some DVR’d shows.  I thought I would end up passing out early, but I didn’t so I got up and made a grilled ham and cheese and sat outside with TIS & MK for a bit, also probably abbreviated from here on out as I get tired of typing The Italian Stallion and Miss Kitty over and over.  I had a half a glass of wine and then went back to bed.  Once again, thought I would pass out early but I started watching Ridiculousness and was cracking the fuck up.  I was laughing so hard at one point that I was crying.  Then I made TIS and MK come watch it and they laid in my big ass bed with me for a bit and watched, both laughing just as hard as I was.  Good times!!!

Redneck Yacht Club Tie Up @ Govy - 4th of July Weekend 2011
So far today has been full of more time card entry and I am still happy.  I absolutely love working here, and love even more that we have an espresso machine.  I’m on my 3rd espresso of the day today.  I COMPLETELY needed it since I stayed up till almost 1130 talking to HH last night and am running on about 5 hours of sleep right now.  He had me cracking the fuck up also.  Apparently I’m just giggly and giddy when I’m happy and talking to him.  Not complaining.  :)  And how about that?! I just got a double dose of goodness from my iPod on shuffle.  It started playing a song that not only reminds me of HH, but seems COMPLETELY fitting for this blog post. “Will you guide me now for I can't see a reason for the suffering and this long misery?  What if every living soul could be upright and strong? Well then I do imagine…There will be, sorrow.  Yeah there will be, sorrow.  And there will be sorrow, no more.”  Sorrow by Bad Religion for anyone reading this post who didn’t know that by reading the lyrics…if you haven’t heard it, you should!  My guess is that His Hotness is completely smiling now while he reads this part.  Hee hee. 

The only thing, and most important, that's been missing in my life lately is my TB.  We now live quite a ways apart and I.FUCKING.HATE.IT.  I'm used to spending inordinate amounts of time with her and it seems like lately all we do is play catch up every few weeks.  I MISS MY SISSY!  We need to go get our tattoo's soon...even more so now so that I can look down on my wrist and think of her daily...not that I don't think of her on a daily basis.  She's a permanent fixture in my life.  I think about her every day.  I pray for her every day.  For her well being, her happiness, perseverance and general well being.  I wish her everything in life that she's ever wanted.  More so for her than any other person in my life.  She has been there for me more than anyone else, besides my Mommy.  I won't give her up for anything.  I've said it before but she means more to me than the air that I breathe.  She is one of the people who have ALWAYS been there to pick me up when I fall.  For that, among other things, I can never thank her enough.  All I can do is hope that someday I can or have been able to return the favor.  I LOVE YOU SISSY!  I can't fucking wait for our girly night on Friday!!!

So, here’s to a break in the depressing, angry and sullen blog posts.  Gotta break up the monotony with some happy schtuff, I just hope the trend continues.  WOO FUCKING HOO!  Lovin’ it, let’s keep these good times rolling!  Now, it’s lunch time and I MUST.HAVE.A.DORITOS.TACO!  Oh, happy days how I heart you!

Today's photo's are brought you you by Boating Season 2011, with the exception of my narcissist pic.  :)

Quote of the Day:  I’m sick of following my dreams…I’m just going to ask them where they’re going and hook up with them later!

Bad Girlfriend's Flag
Random Life Lesson #18:  The darkness and sorrow will pass.  As much as it hurts and can be depressing…embrace it.  Because when you emerge from that dark tunnel on the other side…it will be full of sunshine and laughter.  You will persevere, build character and strength and be a much better person because of it.  Keep your head up to the sky and keep moving, no matter what.  Things always have a way of working themselves out, no matter how dire it may seem.

PS – Ha ha, my positivity is almost sickening to myself.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

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