30 May 2012

Drunky Drunkerton Weekend Recap

At Apolloni Vineyard
OH.MY.LORD.  I think that I'm still in detox mode from the weekend.  Seriously.  I will start with Friday night and work my way forward as there is really no other way to go about it.  Friday was a LONG day at Office.  I managed to get through it and headed home in some hellacious Holiday Weekend Traffic.  I got home and proceeded to have a John Daly to start the weekend off.  But, it just made me sleepy and I fell asleep while waiting for His Hotness to arrive.  When he got there, I woke up but I was a total grumpy butt.  I decided to rally anyway and kept drinking.  We grabbed a bite to eat, hit the liquor store and headed south to hang with some of his friends for the night.  Friday night was fairly uneventful for me.  I took a nap on said friend's couch and His Hotness had some good drunken times with friends of his that he hadn't seen in a while.  I drove us home around 130 AM.  Nuff said.

With Miss Kitty at East Fork Cellars
Saturday we got up and went out to breakfast and I wasn't feeling so well even though I really didn't drink that much. I did however, mix some beer with vodka and other stuff, so it doesn't surprise me that I wanted to horf.  We had already planned to do a Vineyard Bike Tour as part of TIS's birthday weekend celebration.  It was supposed to be nice on Saturday and it was for the majority of the day.  We hit the Decoy for a round of Bloody Mary's on our way out to Banks and then made the rounds at Purple Cow and Apolloni.  We had some wine and some appetizers and headed back north to Washington to hit some vineyards up there.  We stopped at East Fork Cellars for a few samples, then made a quick stop at Love's Leathers.  I found the jacket I want, it will be my birthday present to myself.  EXCITED!  

At The Rusty Grape during the insane rain
From there we headed to the Rusty Grape.  All was well for a while.  We had some wine and ordered salads and pizza and then ALL.HELL.BROKE.LOOSE.  The sky's opened up and a torrential, more like fucking monsoon, swept in.  We, as well as all of the other guests at the vineyard headed inside to take cover.  Then we decided to go back outside and watch the rain...it couldn't have possibly had anything to do with all of the wine we had already consumed.  Me, Miss Kitty and The Italian Stallion all huddled under an eave and His Hotness snapped a pic of the 3 of us.  Roommates unite!  :)  Then, I decided being the TRUE Pacific Northwesterner that I am, that I would just stand out in the rain and drink some wine.  Another picture was snapped.  I'm pretty sure that is the glass of wine that did me in.  

The glass of wine that ended up fucking me over
The story doesn't end here though, it only gets better.  The rain subsided a bit so TIS decided we should chug the wine left in our glasses and hit the road.  We climbed back on the bikes and headed to where I presumed was home.  At this point, I am pretty hammered but I still should know better with that man!  LOVE YOU, Italian Stallion!  We made a stop off at Laurelwood in Battleground and I was one pissed off chicky.  I was wet and drunk and I just wanted to go home.  Now, this is where things start going downhill for me.  I should have listened to my own advice.  Instead, I took a shot of Pendleton.  Here's a recap of Random Hard Life Lesson #372: “DO NOT, under ANY circumstances have a shot of whiskey after you’ve consumed at least a bottle of wine. You will throw up, BRIGHT red later and HATE life the next morning. Plus, having a nice, cute guy have to pull over to let you puke on your way home is NOT attractive. You will say dumb things later and be completely ashamed and embarrassed. Even though you managed to pull a SHEL SHEL while wasted, which is usually a bonus, it’s still JUST.NOT.RIGHT.”

To be clear...I didn't throw up, I was with an even hotter guy who did not have to pull over, thank the lord, and I did not pull a Shel Shel.  I did however pretty much hate life the next day.  I don't remember the ride home.  I do remember throwing three unopened packs of cigarettes at TIS in the driveway when we got home for making some sort of smart ass remark.  Then, I only remember bits and pieces.  I'm told that I immediately started taking my clothes off when I walked in the door and then fell UP the stairs.  I do remember climbing in the shower to try and sober up, but from that point on, it was lights out for Shel.  :(  It was only about 830 PM, so I got a good night's sleep.  I was pretty hung over the next day though.  Ugh.

The bikes parked in front of Laurelwood
Sunday we were hosting a BBQ at the house for TIS's birthday which was on Monday.  We did some quick grocery shopping and His Hotness picked out the biggest fucking pork loin I've ever seen in my life.  I injected it and BBQ'd it.  We had lots of people over, a ton of amazing food and inordinate amounts of Margarita's.  We ended up passing out pretty early again. 

Sunday His Hotness decided to get up fairly early and head home on the bike.  I went back to bed and cuddled with his dog and mine.  I slept until about 1 PM trying to recover and then eventually headed up to his house to return his dog to him.  I hung out with him for a bit and then headed back South towards home to try and get a good night's rest before returning to Office on Tuesday.  All in all it was a pretty FUCKING.AMAZING weekend.  I spent a little more time hungover than I would have liked to but it was still all worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  :)  Good times!

Quote of the Day:  Good judgement comes from bad experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.

Random Life Lesson #62: You need to learn to be patient. You always want instant gratification and you know DAMN WELL that good things are worth waiting for. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean you need to say it out loud. Things that are felt are just as amazing even when you don’t vocalize them to others.  Just relax and enjoy the ride.

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