22 May 2012

You Are the Fire That Puts Out My Rain

The Princess and I - Deer Hunting 2004 - Desolation Unit
It's been a few days since I've written again, but once again it's because things are good and I've been busy having fun!  Since I previously wrote about my TB, I thought today I would share a poem I wrote about her and another one of my best friends...I feel like posting poetry today for some reason, so I'm going to first post my Sister Poem and then two others of my favorites.  Tomorrow I may post the poem I wrote for My Butterfly.  She's about due to be written about in my blog as she is a HUGE part of my life and support network also. I LOVE YOU, BUTTERFLY!  Don't think I'm forgetting about you!  I'm also not forgetting The Italian Stallion and Miss Kitty who are also HUGE parts of my heart and support network.

The second poem, Alone is actually one of the first poems I ever wrote, back in 1996 and to this day I am still immensely proud of it.   When I wrote that one, I was with my first love.  He was out of town on vacation and we were still in high school, so you can only imagine that I thought I would not survive not being able to see or talk to him for 2 weeks.  The third, You Are I wrote about him after we had a 2 year break and then got back together.  At the time that I wrote it he was the love of my life (again, ha ha) and I thought we would end up getting married and having babies. Obviously that didn't work out but I can only hope to find someone again, that I feel that way about.  So, apparently this post is one of hope.  Hope that I will someday find that perfect love.  Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, all consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love. I've already found 3 people that complete me in ways I never could have imagined...TB, The Princess and My Butterfly.    So, here's to the hope that I someday find a male counterpart to do the same...

DISCLAIMER:  I have to counteract all of this sappy, sentimental, girly shit with hunting pics.  It's just how I roll.  How many of you who know me well and are reading this are now giggling at this disclaimer?!  Hee hee. 

To My Sisters
(TB and The Princess)

There is a piece of my heart,
That is always content,
It’s full of your love,
And memory of your scent.

I take a piece of you,
Everywhere I go,
It helps me through the day,
And keeps my soul aglow.

Sometimes I think,
I don’t say it enough,
How much I love you,
And all of that sentimental stuff.

There were times you held me,
Until there were no tears left to cry,
When I had lost all hope,
And thought I would die.

You picked me up,
When I thought I had lost it all,
And even got on your hands and knees,
When I was reduced to a crawl.

All of these things,
Mean so much to me,
Even when at times,
We don’t always agree.

When you send me a text,
Just to say I love you,
It fixes anything in my life,
That was making me blue.

I cherish these little things,
More than I think you know,
I file them in my heart,
For when I’m feeling low.

Then when I need to smile,
And you’re not around,
I pull one of those files,
To erase my frown.

Who needs a man,
With such special women in my life?
Fuck having a husband,
I want a wife!

You have made my life better,
You make me complete,
There isn’t anyone on this earth,
Who could possibly compete.

You bring me sunshine,
Even on my darkest of days,
You are simply love,
In so many ways.

On this sappy note,
I guess I’ll end it here,
I’m running out of things to say,
Let’s go drink some beer!

March 6, 2006

Sharp Shooter Shel carrying a .308 Ruger Deer Hunting 2004 - Desolation Unit



Sitting silently,
Sitting alone,
Sitting and waiting,
For you to come home.

My mind a blank void,
Not a thought passes through,
I am a lonely ship lost at sea,
When I don’t have you.

I sit here alone,
With only my thoughts,
Random memories of you,
Are all I’ve got.

What have I to remember,
What have I to see,
When will you return,
Safely to me?

I’m sitting alone,
Silent and content,
My feeble tears shed,
Over days with you spent.

Another tear falls,
A stifled cry recedes,
Nothing I can do,
My hear still bleeds.

My pain is immense,
A strong, steady fear,
I am lost and alone,
When you are not near.

I am weak and vulnerable,
While my love is away,
All my poise and stature,
Lay in disarray.

I go through my days,
As if in a dream,
The truth that lies ahead,
Remains unseen.

Will I survive,
Will I live through this pain?
This downpour of grief,
That falls steady like rain.


No Marshmallows?  Fuck it, I'll just roast this Rice Krispie treat! Deer Hunting 2004

You Are…
             You are my lover, my soul mate and my best friend,
                        You are my sunshine, my rain and also the wind.
                                    You are in my fantasies and also my dreams,
                                                You come to me in visions, dancing on moonbeams.
                                                            You are in my heart as well as my mind,
                                                                        You are simply love, as it is defined.
                                                            You are my courage, my lighthouse on the bay,
                                                You are the storm that carried me away.
                                    You are my passion, my one true love,
                        You are every star, shining from above.
            You are my strength and the hope that I crave,
You’re my knight in shining armor when I need to be brave.
            You are my comfort, you soothe my pain,
                        You are the fire that puts out my rain.
                                    You are my angel, floating on wings,
                                                You are the music that makes my heart sing.
                                                            You are the warmth that I feel at night,
                                                                        You are there at morning’s first light.
                                                            You are next to me every morning that I wake,
                                                You are next to me for every step that I take.
                                    You are that twinkle in my eye,
                        You are in every tear that I cry.
            You’re in the air, and all around,
Your chain of love has me bound.           
            You are the one, who holds my heart,
                        Your love captured me from the start.

                                    November 7, 2001
Duck Hunting on Sauvie's 2011

Dinner is about done.  Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops, Grilled Asparagus wrapped with bacon and sprinkled with brown sugar and roasted potatoes.  Plus, an insanely good Peach Cosmo that I made.  Yum! 

Quote of the Day:  I'm a firm believer in gun control, if there's a gun around, I want to be controlling it!

Random Life Lesson #85: Miss Kitty makes AMAZING Sleepy Time Tea…when you drink it in bed all cuddled up you will CRASH.THE.FUCK.OUT.  I’m sure the Jameson she put in it had NOTHING to do with it!  I haven’t slept that good in weeks!  LOVE HER!

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