13 September 2012


Sometimes you win,
Sometimes you lose,
Either way,
The choice is up to you.

To fall into the dark,
Or look towards the light,
To let go and drown,
Or stand up and fight.

Sometimes the darkness,
Pounds your soul like rain,
And you can’t help but feel,
The sorrow and the pain.

I let the rain pour over me,
Let it wash away my tears,
Hoping it will also,
Help to ease my fears.

Then the rain slows,
The clouds begin to part,
It helps to lighten,
The burden in my heart.

I keep forging ahead,
It’s all I can do,
Holding my head high,
Just trying to make it through.

A ray of sun shines down,
I lift my head to the sky,
I take a deep breath,
And exhale with a sigh.

I keep on walking,
Through the sun and the rain,
Even if I don’t understand,
Or can begin to explain.

I keep on moving,
Push the darkness aside,
I get up when I fall,
Stronger with every tear I’ve cried.

It’s time to get angry,
To burn with desire,
To push ahead,
And feed my fire.

I will stay strong,
I’ll keep the positivity flowing,
Hold my head up high,
And keep my soul glowing.

There’s a light up ahead,
I am curious to see,
If it may somehow lead,
To a joyous destiny.

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