19 September 2012

The Lake

A little tiny piece,
Of my heart broke today,
It will go with you,
As you fly away.

You’re flying out of my life,
Just as sudden as you flew in,
And I can’t help but feel,
This deep sadness within.

My calm lake is now a storm,
The waves crash on the shore,
And I can’t help but remember,
What it was like before.

It used to be serene,
All of my ducks floating along,
I never thought I’d feel,
As if I didn’t belong.

So many birds,
Have flown away from their home,
Now I’m floating on my lake,
Lost and alone.

What used to be my refuge,
My shelter from the storm,
Has now been blown away,
And completely transformed.

The storm rips across the water,
Demolishing everything in its path,
What did I ever do,
To deserve this wrath?

It’s bleak and dreary,
The water is dark and cold,
I can’t even imagine,
How my life will unfold.

The clouds begin to part,
A ray of sun shines down,
It helps to lift,
My omnipresent frown.
Some of my ducks return,
For the calm after the storm,
And bask in the sun,
To keep their feathers warm.

My smile returns,
For those who made it home,
Safely from their travels,
Wherever they have roamed.

The fog starts to lift,
The sun shines bright,
If only I could protect myself,
From the dark and lonely night.

I tuck my head in my wing,
To hide my falling tears,
Ashamed to let everyone see,
My weakness and my fears.

I float along,
Basking in the rays,
Pretending to be happy,
As we sadly part ways.

This isn’t the end,
I will persevere,
As I continue to explore,
This unknown frontier.

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