15 April 2009

Shel Bartending?!

Woo hoo!!! As of today, I am bartending the lunch shift at Bar Eighty Four on Wednesday and Thursdays. I should be in from 11 AM till about 4 PM on these days. Please stop by and come see me! It tends to be quiet during the day.''

So, I should be able to write a little more. Considering we haven't had any customers yet today and I am sitting at the bar playing on the laptop. Hmmm...there's something wrong with this picture. Shel needs to make some MONEY!!!!

Alright, I should try to find something to do. It kinda sucks being on the other end of the bar, I can't drink while I'm working. Sad. :(

Quote of the Day:
"Those who make no mistakes usually don't make anything."

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