02 April 2009


Laid off? WTF?!@ Yeah, total shock to me too. That is what I was stressing about in my blog a week or so ago when I said I didn't want to freak out for no reason. I should have known, my intuition has never let me down. I just KNEW somehow. I don't know how.

Anyway, I'm staying busy by working at Bar Eighty Four in the time being, plus being a little lazy and taking some time off. I'll still write, it may just not be every day anymore. Since I'm at the bar and only have access to Naughty & Nice's pics I found 2 to post today that are from 4th of July at her house last summer. I miss my long hair.

Loves to all.


1 comment:

  1. Being laid off ROCKS! We'll be good! I miss you shelly belly! Oh! I have to get Roomate's DVD back to you. We should have lunch soon! Hugs!