31 March 2009

I Didn't Get to Murder Any Ducks

First and foremost, since boarding season is pretty much over now, (even though I hope to get a few more spring runs in) I’ve switched back to my normal Shotgun Shel layout. Time to get back to my Redneck ways for the Spring and Summer. Yee haw!

Ugh, it’s only Tuesday? WTF? Why can’t it be Thursday already? I’m excited for Thursday night at Bar Eighty Four. Teairra Mari will be singing 3 songs on stage for the Official After Party for the Lil Wayne concert. I’m hoping it will be mad crazy in there. I’ve got kind of a crazy week and I’m looking forward to that being almost the end of it. I’m hoping it gets INSANE in there and I can let loose a little bit. Not like I don’t do that every weekend anyway. A ha ha…

So, I hafta go get my nails done tonight and then I wanna do a little shopping in the hopes of finding something to wear out Thursday night. Roommate has a Blazer game tonight so I will have to wrangle the beasts myself tonight. Maybe get a little Mario Kart in while I’m at it.

Friday I have a weird day. I took 3 hours off of work, I wanted to take the whole day off but failed to remember that I have to do an open house through the State of Oregon for one of our buildings. It’s required by the State since it is registered as a Historic Building and I scheduled it weeks ago so I don’t really have a choice. So, since I have to be there from 10 AM till 2 PM, I will be able to sleep in after partying my little butt off, sit there for 4 hours being bored and then get to go home at 2 PM. So, hopefully it should be nice and quiet on Friday cause I have a feeling I’m going to be a little hung. I guess we’ll see about that. I haven’t been out on a Thursday and been hung over on a Friday in a LONG time. I REALLY don’t want to do that, it SUCKS being at work when you’re hung. But since I don’t really have to do anything except sit there and greet people, I hope it will be OK. Hee hee.

I’m thinking Friday I should go to the Gun Room and give Bette (yes, I named my shotgun after my Grammy and for future reference my truck is Mater) a GOOD cleaning and go blow some shit up. As I’ve mentioned MANY times before during boarding season I have NO SOCIAL LIFE because I go to bed early, get up early and are at the mountain all day. It sucks too, cause I didn’t do any duck hunting this season. It’s really hard to balance boarding and duck hunting because both activities are an ALL DAY event. I get up early to go out to the blinds and stay all day and hunt, or I get up early to go boarding and stay all day and ride. So, I’m kind of having shooting withdrawals since I didn’t really get to murder any ducks. RARGH!

So, I’ve already pushed out a bunch of paperwork today and there is TONS more where that came from. Ugh, work…that dirty 4 letter word. I am SO tired today. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I slept funny or something because one of my ribs on my back left side is hurting today. I took some Advil and that has helped the pain a little, I’ve gotta quit popping my ribs out. It HURTS. Fuck.

Insight of the Day:
“Families aren’t biological.”

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