30 March 2009


Well, this weekend just FLEW by. Holy shit balls. So, Friday I was TOTALLY lame. Took some of the leftover pizza home from the office party and played some Mario Kart with Roommate. At 6:51 PM on Friday night I told Roommate I was going to bed. He was like “Are you kidding me? It’s still light out, what time is it?” I told him it was 10 till 7, I was tired. So, I went to bed and 7 PM on Friday night and then ended up sleeping till about 930 or so. I showered, and did my hair and makeup at my own SLOW Saturday pace and then I took a nap from about 130 PM till 4 PM. Don’t ask me how I sleep that much, I just do. I LOVE to sleep, what can I say?!

So, I packed up Stinky and we headed to TB’s around 6 or so. I only halfway got ready since I always go over to her house and ravage her closet anyway. So, I packed up a few things, threw on a hoodie and jeans and headed on over. I love my TB, but that girl takes HOURS to get ready. If I’m going out, I don’t need more than an hour or so, depending on how long it takes me to decide what to wear. TB on the other hand, already knew what she was wearing, it just takes her that long to do her hair and makeup and everything else. It’s NUTS. But, I don’t care, I love her. So while TB was getting ready and I was running around in jeans in a bra just killing time my Tasty Shortcake decided she was having problems figuring out what to wear so she came over to TB’s and we dressed her up too! Yay, it was SO fun! I feel complete again now that I have my Triple Trouble Trio back! Blonde, Brunette, Redhead…pick your flavor!!! And let me tell you, it’s like the fucking Charlie’s Angels when we go out…it’s awesome! We have SO.MUCH.FUN together!

So, we had some Vodka and Rockstar before we left the house, we always hafta front load a little bit before we get out and about. We met up with some people at Henry’s in the Pearl and I was pretty much already drunk when we got there, it was great. I had kind of been on a mission to get schnockered this weekend and I succeeded. Although, I didn’t get as drunk as I thought I would. The weird thing is I drank Vodka all night. Usually I drink lots of beer and have shots here and there, this time I totally just drank Vodka all night. I don’t even remember getting a drink; I think I just sipped off of everyone else’s! Ha ha.

So, we danced our butt’s off, bar hopped a little and I got a little tipsy, hee hee. I suppose you could say Mission Accomplished for the weekend for me! I ended up sleeping away most of the day yesterday also. Even Spike was tired, he wouldn’t get up off the couch, just slept most of the day. This morning he wouldn’t get out of bed at all. There were 4 dogs total at TB’s house this weekend so he totally got his exercise, so I’m happy that Stinky had a good weekend too! I love my baby bubs!

I can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend!

Insight of the Day:
“Where there is love, there is life.”

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