26 March 2009



I’m lost in the fog,
Those were your lies,
I keep falling in,
To your hypnotizing eyes.

You say all the right things,
But never follow through,
I still can’t believe,
I put my trust in you.

Third times the charm,
Have I taken enough?
To finally realize,
It’s always going to be a bluff?

I was blinded by your appeal,
And the way you confide,
Even though you always,
End up casting me aside.

When will I learn,
Will I ever see the light?
Or continue to battle,
In this never ending fight?

You and I together,
Is just a fantasy,
I now know it will never,
Become my reality.

So, why do I let you,
Continue to haunt my dreams?
When I wake up every night,
Crying through my screams?

I have to let you go now,
I have to walk away,
I have to cast away my hopes,
And let the skies turn gray.

The clouds will roll in,
The rain will pour down,
I will let it fill my heart up,
Your memory I will drown.

I will walk through the storm,
And let it wash away my pain,
With my head held high,
I will push away the shame.

I can’t keep walking blindly,
The rain has opened my eyes,
I can’t continue to let you,
Be my heart’s demise.

With every step I take,
And every tear I cry,
I’m letting you go a little more,
Until I can say goodbye.

I have to let your memory fade,
I have to get you out of my head,
I can’t change the way you feel,
No more tears will be shed.

I will always care for you,
But will never understand,
Why I wasn’t enough,
To walk beside and hold my hand.

M. Harrold
26 March 09

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