18 March 2009


OK, yesterday sucked. What’s done is done, I’m done beating myself up about it. There is nothing further I can do to make the situation any better, so I’m putting it in a bubble and blowing it away because I don’t know what else to do about it. I have talked with my closest friends about it and they all seem to think the same thing. Leave it alone, let it go, what’s done is done. Roommate seems to think that I shouldn’t even contact this person to apologize. He said if it were him he would want nothing to do with me anymore, and since he’s a guy I trust his advice. So, with that said, I am going to try to live and learn. Bygones.

It did help me yesterday that I was gone on Monday because other than writing my blog post, I really tried to bury myself in my work and stay busy. I had so much to do yesterday; playing catch up since I was gone that it was kind of nice. My day flew by, other than the few times I stopped to stress about things I can’t change. “Don't waste your precious energy on gossip, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead, invest your energy in the positive present moment.”

With that said, I have to say that I feel blessed. Yes, I have my fair share of problems as does everyone, but I still can’t help but feel fortunate that I am able to live the life that I do. Not only that, but I live in a BEAUTIFUL state, and here is a majestic picture of Mt. Hood that I took Friday night to prove it.

So, last night was fairly uneventful also. After work I went home and chilled w/ the Dogberticus Maximuses. I know, I’m strange…we have all sorts of names for our dogs. Dogbert’s, Beasts, Heathens, Dogberticus Maximus (my favorite!) and of course Roommate and I call each other Roommate-bert. Sometimes I abbreviate it with a DB for Dogberts or RB for Roommate-bert, for future reference. And then of course, our dogs each have their OWN nicknames. I’ve always called Spike Stinky and Baby Bubs. Stinky cause he looks like a skunk w/ his little racing stripe down his head! I should have named him that! I don’t know where Bubs even came from; I just came home one day and saw him and said “Hi Baby Bubs!” He seemed to respond to it, so now it’s a permanent fixture. I can call him Stink, Stinky, Spike or Bubs and he answers to all of them. I love my smart little boy! He’s the number one man in my life. “Perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” I had a friend email me the “True Test of a Friend” and I use this example ALL OF THE TIME now because it’s SO true! Try putting your best friend and your dog in the trunk of your car and drive around for an hour. Now, when you open the trunk, which one of them is still happy to see you? Hee hee. Now, I love my TB…but I think she would be pretty fucking pissed off at me if I stuck her in a trunk for an hour. LOL.

So, I watched the movie Juno last night. There was nothing on TV and it’s funny because that’s probably not a movie I’d pick to watch on my own, but I totally got sucked into it and then really enjoyed it! The same thing happened with Martian Child, nothing was on TV and I started watching it and got sucked in. That was a good flick also. Juno was kind of strange, it was a drama, I think…but it was funny! Ellen Page was amazing; she’s such a good character actress. I missed the first few minutes of it, but Roommate walked in the door at the end of it last night and asked me if it was good cause he has it in the NetFlix cue, so I’ll get to see the beginning anyway. Yay! Alright, time for WORK. You know? That dirty four letter word? I hope you all have a Happy Wednesday.

Insight of the Day:
“Those who make no mistakes do not usually make anything.”

Joke of the Day:
Q: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?
A: I don’t know and I don’t care.

Random Shel Facts:
Q: What time did you wake up today?
A: Alarm went off at 5:15, I snoozed it till 5:30 and then got up to get in the shower.
Q: What do you do when you're sad?
A: Write, cry, talk.
Q: From whom did you get your last email?
A: Roommate.
Q: Forgive and forget or hold a grudge?
A: Forgive, but don’t forget. “Grudges are like poison, the only antidote is to let them go.”
Q: Have you ever been hurt by a friend?
A: Of course, “No matter how good a friend is they are going to hurt you once in a while and you must forgive them for that.”

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