20 March 2009

Can You Say Freshies All Day?!

Mmm, I smell Friday! Yes! I’m still mad crazy busy, but since it’s the weekend and I’ll get to catch up on my sleep I’m happy. Ugh, I am SO tired. It was so hard to drag my sleepy butt out of bed today. Must sleep more.

So, dentist last night was good but bad. I’ve been a bad girl and neglecting my teeth and my gums aren’t happy with me. I have to go in for a few cleanings in a row to get them healthy again. At least I like cleanings, my teeth feel SO GOOD TODAY! However, I also have some cavities that will need to be filled. Bad Shel!

So, boarding tomorrow w/ Roommate. We’re gonna hit TLine for first tracks tomorrow AM. Hit it hard till we can’t board anymore and then come home. We haven’t had a Roommate Only boarding trip since December so it should be fun. I’m excited! Plus, the mountain got 40 inches of new pow this week, plus it’s supposed to snow on Saturday. Yeah, baby! Can you say freshies all day?! This is turning out to not only be wicked spring boarding, but the best snow we’ve had all season. We got a slow start this year.

Ugh, so more work and work for me today. After I get off work at my normal, office job I have to go back to Bar 84 again and finalize the business card designs, stick them on a flash drive and drop them off at the printers. Then, I should be able to start my weekend. I may stay home and crash early. I may go out and have dinner and some beer. Not sure yet, to be honest. It’s too early in the day yet to tell. I usually get my 2nd wind once I leave the office, so hopefully that happens again today.

So, MARCH MADNESS! I’m not a fan of basketball; it’s just not violent enough for me. I LOVE HOCKEY! I digress, I totally copied Roommate’s bracket for the NCAA playoffs and I must say…Damn, that man is good! We’re 14 for 16 games so far. Woo hoo! Let’s hope he keeps this winning streak going. If I take 1st place at the office pool I’ll take home about $200.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I hope your weekends are most excellent.

Insight of the Day:

“Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow, we must fail in order to know, and sometimes our vision clears only after our eyes are washed away with tears.”

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