27 March 2009

I Haven't Been Drunky Drunkerton In A While

Yay, Friday! Today at work should be fun. I just ordered $115 worth of pizza and we’re going to have pizza and watch a movie at lunch time. I brought a few movies and so did a co-worker. It should be a fairly easy day today. Traffic this AM was SUPER light as its Spring Break week here. The Partners at my office go on a retreat for spring break every year and we do what we call a “Senior Sneak” for the office staff. Normally we would all leave about noon, have lunch together and then get movie tickets but due to the shitty economy right now we have downsized our Senior Sneak to pizza and a movie in the conference room. So, I’m excited because today should go by fairly quickly. It’s super quiet in here today, as lots of people are on vacation.

Roommate and I decided to skip boarding tomorrow for a few reasons. One, it’s going to snow all day with peak wind gusts of 41 MPH. That’s like blizzard conditions; I’m straight with all of that ish! B, we have neglected the back yard lately. The Dogbertici need to have a clean toilet, plus the grass needs mowed. And 3, we both want to sleep in. I don’t get to sleep in much during boarding season cause we get up early to hit the mountain before everyone else gets up there. So, I’m excited to get to sleep in tomorrow. Yay!

I may just chill tonight and go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep cause I wanna get schnockered tomorrow night! I haven’t been Drunky Drunkerton in a while and I’m about due. I will probably end up staying at TB’s Saturday night. That seems to be a weekend tradition now. I’ll see if she’ll be my DD for Saturday night so I can get fit shaced. Yeah, baby! I’m a little scared…I NEVER plan to get drunk, but when I do…I usually end up getting BEYOND drunk. I’m sure I’ll be horfing up a storm on Sunday morning if I actually succeed in getting myself as inebriated as I’m hoping! Ugh, I don’t even want to think about the repercussions yet…blah.

So, here’s to hoping today FLIES by! I hope you all have an excellent weekend.

Insight of the Day:
“Heroes are people who do what has to be done, when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.”


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