16 April 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

Ugh, I am ONE HUNG BABY. TB and I had a little too much fun last night. Which was MUCH needed after a slow day at the bar yesterday. And...I have to do it all over again tonight. I had a blast last night, things were a little crazy, but all in all it was good. Everyone got home safe. I can't speak for my TB, but she most definitely consumed more than I did and had to get up a lot earlier than I did so I'm thinking she's not feeling so well today. :( My poor TB. She had a bad day yesterday and I was MORE THAN HAPPY to be there and help her decompress. I LOVE MY TB!! I won't go into details from last night because that is best left aa a night between best friends. Not EVERYTHING needs to be talked about. :)

I don't really have any pics on me today...my USB cord for the camera is at home and I'm sitting at the bar on the laptop. I did go fishing with my Daddy last Wednesday and took some pics while we were out but, as mentioned above, can't upload them, so I'll have to post them on another day. We put in at Fred's by Sauvie's and cruised down to Chinook cause I had to pee and couldn't off the side of the boat. Dude, for those of you who have fished in the ocean or heavy surf you know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you who have never, I'll try and explain it....basically you hafta pee really, really, really bad and you're trying to go. Yet, just when you think it's gonna happen, you hit a wave and the liquid in your bladder surges and all of the sudden you don't have to go anymore. Repeat this cycle MULTIPLE times, depending on the conditions, size of waves, etc. So, anyway I totally went off on a tangent, LOL, Daddy was nice enough to take me to Chinook so I could use the restroom on land without the added difficulty of trying to pee in crazy chop on the Columbia. We then trolled from Chinook all the way back down to the railroad bridge after the I-5 bridge. There were so many boats out there that the Columbia had chop and rollers like we were in the fucking ocean. By the end of the day I was starting to feel sea sick. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything, but I did manage to snag our lines on some guys anchor when I wasn't paying attention to where I was trolling. I felt bad, but Daddy said it's all good, it's all part of fishing. You lose gear. All in all, it was a GREAT day fishing with Daddy even if we didn't catch anything.

It's a gorgeous sunny day in Portland today and the weather is only supposed to get better by the weekend. Me and the girls have planned a CRAZY night of debauchery for Saturday night, I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT! It should be an absolute blast. It's about time to bust out the mini skirts!!! Yay, Spring...hurry up summer! Oh, but I have to go boarding at least one more time this season before I completely jump back into the summer lifestyle. :) I can't WAIT to try out my new chaps!

Hopefully I get some customers in today that want to eat, drink and be merry. It makes the time pass so much faster when I have people to chat with.

Happy Thursday!

Quote of the Day:
"You don't have to change friends if you understand that friends change."

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